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POSTED: 10-3-2014


PhD in Environmental Engineering with a Project in River Fish Passage


We seek one or two PhD students who will assist in a project to hydrodynamically reconnect reaches of the Niagara River for effective migration of Emerald Shiner minnows.  The student will join a team of Ecologists from Buff State College, Engineers from the University at Buffalo and the Army Corp of Engineers, the Buffalo Niagara RiverKeepers, and governmental agencies such as the New York Department of Environmental Conservation and the Fish and Wildlife Service studying the life cycle of the Emerald Shiner in the Niagara River. 

The student will be a member of the Environmental Engineering group in the Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering at the University of Buffalo, The State University of New York in Buffalo, NY working with Dr. Sarah Delavan.  The PhD would be a degree in Civil Engineering. 

The project would specifically be quantifying the swimming capabilities of Emerald Shiners from a hydrodynamic perspective according to fish age classes and time of migration.  The student should be comfortable with both field and laboratory work and there would be an opportunity for computational work depending on the interest of the student.  There may also be opportunities for quantifying hydrodynamic barriers to fish passage in the Niagara river using field and computational modeling techniques.  This student will be working closely with another PhD student who is working on redesigning the shoreline structures to increase the ability of Emerald Shiners to navigate the river.

We are seeking a student with a background in engineering with an interest in ecological processes or a student with a background in ecology with an interest in engineering and fluid mechanics. 

Funds are available for a stipend and tuition for an initial time period of three years with a possibility of extension.  Preference will be given to students with experience in a related field.  The position starts in January 2015 (at the latest Fall 2015)and interested students should contact Dr. Sarah Delavan ( with questions and have application materials in to the Civil, Structural, and Environmental Engineering department by the deadline of October 15, 2014.



POSTED: 10-3-2014


PhD Research Assistantship in Ecohydrology


Posting: A PhD Research Assistantship is available in the field of ecohydrology in the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering at Mississippi State University (USA).  This position will involve research to conduct an integrated ecosystem assessment in the Gulf of Mexico that focuses on oysters and their related ecosystem services.   Students will be supported through a stipend as well as paid tuition and insurance.


Requirements: Applicants should have a Master¡¦s degree in a related field (preferably engineering) and have computer modeling experience. Applicants with experience in wetlands ecology, hydrology, and coastal systems are encouraged to apply.  


Please apply by emailing me your CV, transcript, and GRE scores to


You can see more regarding my research at