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The mission of the American Ecological Engineering Society is to:


Ą§promote the development of sustainable ecosystems that integrate human society with its natural environment to the benefit of both.Ą¨                                                                                                               


To further that mission, AEES is proud to sponsor a Certified Ecological Designer Program to foster high quality ecosystem design through the application of multidisciplinary science. 







Though sponsored by American Ecological Engineering Society, the Certified Ecological Designer program is not intended exclusively for engineers; rather the program promotes an integrated practice and is open to all interested practitioners from ecology, engineering, landscape architecture, architecture, planning, or related disciplines. 


Click here for the list of current Certified Ecological Designers by state.


Who can apply?


Two certifications are offered:

ĄP         Certified Ecological Designer (CED)

ĄP         Associate Ecological Designer (AED)


Individuals certified by AEES as Ecological Designers must have demonstrated expertise in the integration of the science of ecology and practice of design. Certification is based upon a combination of:

ĄP         Academic credentials,

ĄP         Experience as demonstrated in a portfolio of completed work, and

ĄP         Active participation in an AEES-sponsored Certified Ecological Designer workshop & charrette.  

Successful applicants may represent themselves as Certified Ecological Designers (CED) or Associate Ecological Designers (AED). 


For more information, click the link to download the Program Guidelines and Application.


AED/CED Application Fees - Pay Online




Prior CED Certification Workshop Documents


October 6-8, 2015


Title: Ecological Design in the West: Process-Based, Performance-Driven
-- A Workshop and Design Charrette,
Berkeley, California


Workshop Summary:  AEES CED Workshop Oct 2015 Summary.pdf


Workshop Presentations

Ø 2015 AEES CED Workshop Ecology Will Stringfellow

Ø 2015 AEES CED Workshop Engineering Paul Frank

Ø 2015 AEES CED Workshop Landscape Architecture George Salvaggio

Ø 2015 AEES CED Workshop Miller Knox Background Ren Bates

Ø 2015 AEES CED Workshop OroLoma _A Cecchetti and C Toms

Ø 2015 AEES CED Workshop Prospect Island Noah Hume

Ø 2015 AEES CED Workshop SantaClaraRiverEstuary_Chris Hammersmark

Ø 2015 AEES CED Workshop Unit Process Wetlands_Kara Nelson