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Stream Identification Course

October 15 íV 17, 2013


Staff of Atkins North America (John Dorney) and the Eaton Scientific (Larry Eaton) are planning to conduct a 3 day course on the latest version (Version 4.11, September 1, 2010) of the North Carolina methodology for identifying intermittent and perennial streams and their origins from October 15 íV 17, 2013 in the Atlanta area.  This lecture and field course will focus on the standard method developed by the N.C. Division of Water Quality and used across the Southeast and in Georgia to identify intermittent and perennial streams and their origins.  The course will be taught near Atlanta, GA and will focus on piedmont streams although a portion of the field work will be conducted on coastal plain streams.  This class follows the same curriculum as the course developed in NC by Mr. Dorney and Larry Eaton and will cost $850 for instruction, materials, van rental and field lunches. This class is approved by the Georgia Department of Transportation for use in Georgia.  Upon successful completion, students will receive a Certificate of Training and be listed on the Georgia Department of TransportationíŽs list of trained individuals.  We are interested in getting a head count for possible attendees in order to determine if there is sufficient demand for a course.  If you are interested, please see the attached full announcement. You can email John Dorney at or Karen Warner at to enroll or to get any additional questions answered.



Posted 7-29-2013



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